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Please take a moment to review our site.  Our next meeting will be held Thursday, December 4, 2014 at the IBM Chicago Technical Exploration Center (TEC). The IBM TEC is located in the Hyatt Building on 71 South Wacker in Chicago.

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Agenda for Our Next Meeting
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Agenda for 4th Quarter Meeting - December 4, 2014

08:30am - 09:00am Registration – Coffee, juice and rolls
09:00am - 09:15am IBM DB2 News
Sheryl M. Larsen, IBM
09:15am - 10:30am DB2 11 is Great!  Why Should You Care?
Sheryl M. Larsen, IBM

You should care because your career is dependent on a healthy DB2 for z?OS workload.  The more efficient you can make it, the more likely it will stay there!  This presentation will over DB2 11 enhancements that can improve efficiency for developers.
  • Learn why this release is the best IBM has ever delivered
  • Learn what workloads will greatly benefit from all the performance enhancements
  • Learn how to move some or all of your analytics to zEnterprise
  • Learn how to sell this amazing release to management

10:30am - 10:45am Break
10:45am - 12:00pm

IDAA V4.1 Update and Customer Trends
Sheryl M. Larsen, IBM

IDAA is the next generation query accelerator and is fully controlled by the DB2 for System z optimizer. 

The appliance uses a proprietary Asymmetric Massively Parallel Processing architecture, or AMPP architecture that combines blade-based servers and a massive amount of hardware computing resources that processes data at line transfer speed which is essentially the speed at which data moves from disk to the processing blades.

This solution leverages the PureData for Analytics technology (powered by proven Netezza technology).  The accelerator is tightly integrated with DB2 for z/OS and is fully managed within the optimizer.  There is no direct query access to the accelerator nor are there application changes that need to be made to take advantage of it beyond setting special register values.  DB2 makes the best choice for where the query is processed through its costing algorithms and rule checking.  Users and applications continue to connect to DB2 for z/OS, and are unaware of the Accelerator's presence.  You can essentially look at the DB2 Analytics Accelerator as an additional access path for DB2 for z/OS.  With this solution, queries can be accelerated with unprecedented response times without having to rewrite applications, spend time with complex and costly query tuning, or predict which types of ad hoc queries will be run by the end user.

The entire outside world of applications, including BI tools like Cognos, legacy reporting products and database administration products can take advantage of the Netezza AMPP architecture implicitly, by the fact that DB2 uses it whenever it can execute faster than the native DB2 engine.

12:00pm - 01:00pm

Lunch - free, onsite
01:00pm - 02:15pm

Comparing IBM DB2 for z/OS's Hybrid Transaction and Analytics Platform to Oracle
Sheryl M. Larsen, IBM

August 2014, Oracle launched the in-memory option for its database.  Oracle may be using this launch as an opportunity to target your company for a discussion about re-hosting your DB2 for z/OS workloads.

If your company is confused by the hype from Oracle sales campaigns, join me for a focused discussion that will teach you how to defend your workload through an understanding of the marketing myths surrounding Oracle technology.

  • Learn the facts that can be used to neutralize each marketing myth
  • Learn how you accurately assess the Oracle technology against their requirements, as well as understand the risks and costs of re-hosting
  • Learn how to use this as an opportunity for you to refresh your skills on the true value of DB2 for z/OS, both for OLTP and analytics workloads
  • Take the opportunity to make yourself a hero in your own company