Vendor Information

The Best Marketing Opportunity in the Midwest ! 

One vendor, based on a first come, first serve basis, pays $2,500 for the privilege of speaking, demonstrating, and marketing their products in front of the entire audience (100 on average) at each quarterly meeting.  Another option is to present exclusively to the z/OS or LUW audience in separate rooms.  These slots are $1,500 each.  The one hour prime time slot starts at approximately 10:30am.  Also included for the price is a tabletop surface for displaying marketing materials and providing laptop demos.  The vendor also gets exclusive rights to gather attendee contact information by raffling a nice prize (the nicer the prize, the more attendees participate).  

Our attendees consist of some of the top database professionals in the Midwest .  Most have at least 10 years experience as a DBA or application developer and many have progressed high into management or have become data architects in the last 5 years.  MWDUG surveys reveal most of attendees have DB2 for z/0S responsibilities, with 80% of those having additional DBMS responsibilities in DB2 for Linux, UNIX, or Windows, Oracle, Informix, and/or SQL Server.

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